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December 17, 2009


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Madhav Mutalik

Scott Waterhouse wrote:
"Simply for this reason: no other backup method guarantees (in a strong sense) application consistent recovery. Yes I need a backup agent that ties into the application APIs (RMAN for Oracle, VSS for Microsoft applications, and so on)."

Is this true if you are using vSphere 4.0 (with vStorage APIs)? I thought vStorage APIs were integrated with VSS on Windows guest operating systems, and thus would guarantee application consistency on Windows.

Scott Waterhouse


It is an excellent question. A couple other smart people have asked me this as well, and I haven't posted up anything yet because I don't have a definitive answer yet. There seems to be a discrepancy between what I get from some sources vs. others. I am actively pursuing this and will post something definitive when I think I have that definitive answer. Stay tuned!

Peter Elliman

Scott - If I use the approach you suggest here (I assume vStorage backups), and I have to recover a file amongst 100s of VMs, but don't know on which of 5 VMs a file exists, how do I find that file? Could you walk me through that recovery process?

First, how do I find the file amongst the VMs?

Second, how long does it take to recover that one file if I've been doing incrementals for 2 weeks?

Third, is there any difference in recovery if I moved the data to tape (or maybe that's not possible with Avamar - I can't remember)?


Scott Waterhouse


Well, I am not sure how you could have a missing file but not even know where it is from?

Having said that, I can search for it in Avamar (assuming I know the name... if you don't know that and you don't know where it is from how do you know it is missing?).

With Avamar it would take about 2 seconds to recover--there is no penalty for an "incremental" because there is no such thing as an incremental with Avamar.

It is possible, and no, conceptually, there is no difference (just the seek/load time that makes tape so awful to deal with in the first place).

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