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November 24, 2009


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It's analogous to insurance. When you buy insurance you don't do ROI analysis. you just ask yourself: can I afford to lose this? and if the answer is No, you buy insurance.

Preston de Guise

In fact it's so analogous to insurance I named my book after it! It remains depressing that some companies will look at their backup budgets and say "well we aren't doing many recoveries" or "it's only there if something goes wrong" and decide to reduce or eliminate the budget. They'd _never_ do the same thing over say, professional indemnity insurance, or corporate insurance, etc.

Scott Waterhouse

Agreed totally. In fact as I considered the issues when writing this, and the absence of independent/objective tools, standards, and metrics for evaluating risk and cost of data loss and recovery, whether the insurance industry had soemthing that could be ported or translated to be useful for us in backup. And would be intelligible for a person of average mathematical ability (here in Canada actuaries are very highly trained in mathematics--well beyond my level!)

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