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November 18, 2009


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Interesting...Veeam Backup & Replication has supported the vStorage API's for Data Protection for about a month now.

Change Block Tracking has been a great feature and our customers have found significant improvements in backup processing speed.

Additionally, Veeam was the first vendor (in 2008) to support Fast file level recovery from image level backups and now supports not just Windows VM's but also most Linux and Unix distros as well.

We applaud EMC for releasing a product that finally supports VMware's latest API's, but you weren't first.

Scott Waterhouse


Welcome to the conversation. In the spirit of being welcoming, I have posted your comment, although in the future it would be nice if comments felt less like advertising/spam. :)

Having said that, my claim was "first major backup product." With appropriate respect, I am not sure Veeam falls into the major category! This is the first I have heard of your product. (Not that I am saying it is bad... and thanks for the comment because we can now follow your link and form some opinions.) But by market share, Veeam seems to be a non-entity?

Sorry if that seems unfair, but by market share, there are a limited number of contenders: Symantec (NBU and BE), EMC (Networker/Avamar), IBM (TSM), and running fairly distant to these, HP (DP), CommVault, and CA (ArcServe).


Wow Scott, actually Veeam is huge in virtualization backup... I just can't believe you never heard... may be this is because they are more focused on SMB market right now, unlike enterprise-oriented EMC?

Scott Waterhouse


Please don't take offense! Veeam may be a truly fantastic product. But tracking everybody in this space is well nigh impossible, and Veeam appears to have ~ 1% market share. Just hadn't hit my personal radar yet.

But honestly, I wish you folks all the success. There is no malice in my comments. It seems like you have a great team, and happy customers, and that is great to see.

And by the way EMC NetWorker Fast Start has been a huge success for us, and is focused on the 1-20 server (backup client) segment. EMC has solutions for everybody from home/small office remote backup (Mozy), small business (NetWorker Fast Start), cloud backup, as well as the number one source and target deduplication solutions.



Thanks for approving the comment. We were directed to this blog by our users on our forum: http://www.veeam.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2234#p9375

Sorry if we seem a bit like a commercial, we're passionate about what we do and we have passionate users as well (as you can see in our forums).

We understand it's difficult to track all the backup vendors around these days and thank you for letting us be heard.

Jesper Matthiesen

Hi Paul

Regarding marketshare of the big 3 (Symantec, EMC and IBM) - have you seen any recent numbers for the enterprise products?

Scott Waterhouse


I haven't seen any good numbers for a few years now. For what its worth, the consensus seems to be: Symantec at 45-50% (including NBU and BE); EMC at 15-20% with NW and Avamar; IBM at 15% with TSM; others at 15-25%. Yes those are pretty big ranges, but trying to be more accurate than that doesn't seem valid to me without data to back it up. Annecdotally, I think CA, CommVault, HP DP, probably have about 3-5% each. That leaves about 5% of the market for the current niche players, like Veeam.


Scott, you're kidding about the advertisement comment, right? Your entire blog is a big advertisement for EMC!

Veeam is a product that does virtualized backups (and some other things, I think), so it can share the market with everyone else. They aren't just limited to the 5% that's left over. While I agree they are a small company, they do some cool things, but the major players are catching up (or already caught up) fast.

Scott Waterhouse


This is on my (medium sized) to do list for the blog. I will do my best to cover this in the next few weeks.


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