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July 23, 2009


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Stephen Foskett

I appreciate the poll, Scott, but feel it definitely needs some qualification and explanation. Asking simply "would you backup to the cloud" leaves it wide open to interpretation. Who is "you"? Yourself or a business? Which cloud? What cost? What capabilities? You left it vague on purpose, I know, but this vagueness is going to cloud (pardon the pun) your answers...

Personally, I back up to the cloud every day, and have for three years. I know LOTS of folks use services like Mozy, Iron Mountain, and Symantec to do this as well. Including MANY EMCers. I also know of businesses who use cloud storage as a backup target, but archiving is a much more common application. Consider all of the Zantaz and MessageOne users! This has been going on for a very long time, too, and many might not even know they're "backing up to the cloud"!

Again, thanks for asking. But don't be surprised if the answers don't reflect existing use cases and practices!

Scott Waterhouse

Thanks Stephen.

I have made a modification so that the poll now reads "business data". I know there is a lot of other amibiguity, and I am going to leave things that way (including the archive stuff--my intuition is that cloud archive is going to happen easier and faster than cloud backup, btw).

Unfortunately I lost all the votes when I did that--anybody who has already voted please feel free to do so again.

Martin Glassborow

Would I back-up raw business data into the cloud? No! Would I backup business data with strong encryption, why not? It's probably more secure than those non-encrypted off-site tape backups.

Personally, I'm using things like Dropbox more and more to keep my various machines in sync and it also gets it offsite as well.

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