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March 30, 2009


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David Magda

My back up system is a Time Machine volume (for quick restores), and one of these:


Have two drives and a copy of Super Duper: every Sunday do a bootable clone of your internal drive to the external one, and take it to work Monday morning. Bring back the second drive Monday afternoon.

If disaster strikes you can boot right off the drive and be up and running--if the drive is the same model of what's in your system, you can potentially pop open the case and put it in (assuming the situation isn't your house burning down).

Also losing root isn't the only way it could get worse--that would be a 9.0-9.5. For a 10.0 you could be in the situation of not having (usable) backups in the first place.


I agree Scott. This is a really great service. I don't personally use it (I have an alternate solution), but it's something I think is very valueable for small businesses who essentially do their book keeping etc.. from their home office computer.

Having a backup of your data on an external drive is a good first step, but it doesn't help you much if your house burns down or is burgled.

The alternating external drive can work as an offsite solution, but most people don't have the discipline to really make this work effectively, and you better get one that can lock down/encrypt - these can easily fall into the wrong hands.


Regarding: "(I also have a sparse bundle of backup data that I can open and read, but I can't copy files from it without getting error messages. I welcome any thoughts any of you might have on that one!)"

I've run into issues with something similar, and found a technique where you can right-click on the file, show contents, and then, instead of trying to copy via finder, which gives errors, use the Apple Automator.app utility, select 'use files selected in finder', then use copy command, copy selected items, select destination, run the Automator script.

I'm not sure if this helps with the bundle, but perhaps that may help, or at least give you a starting point, google search the above technique to find articles such as "http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=6889409".

best of luck,


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