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September 25, 2008


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Eric Ullman

I agree that Mozy is a fabulous service for backing up to a remote, safe, secure location. No question about it. Fire, theft, flood, and power surges will all eliminate a local backup just as completely as they will the computer that backup was protecting. It happens all the time. People just don't think about getting a copy of their data offsite, and they get burned (no pun intended) when something bad happens. That's why I'm a customer.

I would add, however, that any comprehensive backup strategy should include both local/onsite and remote/offsite backups. Mozy is best when paired with a local backup application. Local backups provide the benefit of immediate restores from onsite media and are best for restoring large amounts of data.

I don't think Scott was suggesting that Mozy be used to the exclusion of other methods, but that it's a great option for getting data offsite with minimal effort to maximize return.

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