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June 03, 2008


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Scott Harney

I assume you can trunk multiple GigE interfaces together on the underlying Avamar OS. since it has a linux kernel core and drivers it should be possible. This is how we operate today with networker servers. It makes it simple from the client configuration side in that you don't have to decide to send data to storage-node-eth1 or storage-node-eth2 to manually distribute load. you just send it all to the same trunked interface.

And I agree, these "problems" are germaine to growing any backup solution.

Some of the buzzing I have heard about Avamar scalability relate to the size of the backend storage for a single avamar instance as well as for the object index. The index issue (database with number of objects stored)is yet another problem that is typical to scaling any individual backup server instance. It may also be a bit of a red herring. At a certain point, managing a single gigantic single backup server is unwieldy from a human perspective even if the software can technically "scale" to that level.


Well, it is more a matter of automatically load balancing across multiple GigE adapters. (It is a nifty bit of software engineering that relies on the hash index of a segment to determine which node it gets transmitted to.) Which means that a 10 node Avamar cluster has an effective bandwidth of 10 Gb. The good news here is that this is all "automagic" no special client or server configuration required--so same net effect as you describe.

As far as the scaling of the index, we can store somewhere between 1 and 10 PB of data per Avamar cluster (as with a lot of things in deduplication land, it depends on data and retention policy). But I would point out that is scalability at least as good as anybody else is claiming for their deduplication appliances. It is fair to say that scaling is no more an issue for Avamar than it is for any other deduplication solution. Or backup application.


Hi, I am very new to Avamar. and having a difficulty to understand how do i migrate backups that have taken by my client on TSM server. We are changing it to Avamar. any thing you can help.

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