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June 13, 2008


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I can certainly attest to this in our own shop. We cut our VTL out of the budget due to in large part of the Netbackup licenses costs. Mind you, the license was about as much as the VTL itself. And as much as people balked at the "premium" price we would have paid for buying the EDL that we spec'd out, we could at least justify the cost. But there was no way we could justify the cost of the Netbackup license which would have doubled our acquisition cost.

When the Netbackup licensing terms came into view tape became our only option again. I can build out a huge library with many tape drives, including the cost of tape and media servers, for far less than a combined VTL hardware/NBU licensed solution. Heck, if I were to buy a drive license for each virtual tape drive on the VTL to replace my current physical tape libraries we'd save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where is the logic in that? I guess Symantec figures that the lost revenue from folks who migrate off to different backup applications will be made up by gouging those who stick around.

In the end, its made this long time Netbackup guy take a hard look at Legato again. Legato has come a long way, especially since EMC bought them, but I still think Netbackup is a superior product. But eventually you have to decide if you're willing to pay Space Shuttle prices for a Porsche just because you replaced the stock CD player with a CD player that plays MP3's.


Late to the game on this, but I know Symantec specifically, and probably most/all other vendors, offer an all-in-one licensing model where you pay based on protected data. For Symantec, protected data is based on the largest full for each host you back up. I don't care how much we pay (as long as its competitive) but with the way they do licensing, this really saves a ton of time and administrative work just to deal with licenses. If you're reading this, check with your vendor about an Enterprise or all-in-one license.

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